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Career Bailout Program

Originally, we launched this program to support employees of the failed banks and financial institutions; but in light of the recent news of layoffs in many sectors, we have extended it. If you lost your job during this economic downturn, you qualify for a free career services package that includes a resume review, 360°Reach personal brand assessment and an Online ID evaluation. This package will help you differentiate and position yourself in a crowded and competitive job market. It is brought to you by Reach Personal Branding and our Preferred Reach-certified Personal Branding Strategists.

Here’s how to get started:

    1. From the list below, select the Reach Personal Branding Strategist that you think would be most helpful to you in your job search.
    2. Contact him/her directly referencing ‘Reach Career Bailout’

These services are limited and will be available on a first-come, first served basis. If a strategist is unable to support you at this time, they will do their best to refer you to another career coach or provide you with other resources to help you with your job search.

Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists Participating in the Program:

Walter Akana is a Personal Branding Strategist and Career Coach who specializes in success! He works primarily with mid-career clients on personal branding, career transition strategies, and career/life planning. The founder of Threshold Consulting, Walter previously served in professional training and development roles in commercial and investment banking. Learn more.

Kim Batson CPBS, CLTMC, CPBS, is the CIO Coach. She provides executive resumes, personal branding and career coaching for C-Level and senior technology executives. Learn more.

Nancy Branton uses her faith, vision, and human resources expertise to provide guidance and hope to senior-level professionals and leaders who are making a career transition. To learn more about your opportunity to receive a free resume critique, branding assessment, and online identify assessment, e-mail Learn more.

Michael Colemyn specializes in career coaching for high-flyers. Develop a strategy for achieving and sustaining high visibility for your career! Michael, who is based in Europe helps professionals willing to transition from the banking industry to the consulting industry and those wanting to relocate to Europe. Learn more.

Rob Cuesta is a UK-based strategist who works across the globe to help clients build or rebuild their careers. With a background in finance, IT and consulting, he leverages his experience in communication to help clients verbalise the complexities of their experience and personality and craft career marketing messages that make them stand out in a crowded career market. In addition to the US banks caught up in the current crisis, Rob is also extending the scheme to cover employees of Northern Rock, Alliance & Leicester, Bradford & Bingley, and other affected UK firms. Learn more.

Susan Guarneri is a Certified Career Counselor, Master Resume Writer, Master Personal Branding Strategist, and Certified Online ID Strategist. Need to change industries or careers? Want assistance with your personal branding, online identity, job search strategies, and self-marketing documents, such as your resume? Contact: Learn more.

Kristen Jacoway works with highly motivated professionals in leveraging career marketing services that utilizes the innovative methodology of the REACH 1-2-3SuccessTM personal branding program. Her program includes a career marketing portfolio and online identity services through a highly collaborative partnership with clients. She has organized teleseminars / webinars that begin in January and February to focus on personal branding, job search strategies, interview skills, and resume’ development. Learn more.

Steve Lanza of Career Management Associates is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their potential and make their careers exciting. His company sets itself apart by individually working with executives to transition them into completely unrelated industries or encore careers. Learn more.

Bernadette Martin is a Career Transition Brand Strategist and Founder of Visibility Branding, LLC. She works with professionals, executives and entrepreneurs in developing a strategy to build and express their brand in a compelling way, both online and offline. Bernadette is based in Paris, however she is "virtual" and connects with clients located across the globe. Previous to working with "Personal Brands" Bernadette worked for 15 years in corporate and agency environments in Asia, Europe and the U.S. with brands such as American Express, Citibank and Euromoney. Bernadette is multi-lingual and holds an MBA from Thunderbird, School of Global Management. Learn more.

Wendy Terwelp has helped thousands of clients get hired faster and be rock stars at work since 1989. A recognized expert on networking, both online and off, Wendy has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Fast Company, The Business Journal,,, and more as well as numerous radio shows. She has published hundreds of articles on the web and in print. Are you ready for your next big gig?® Learn more.

Erin Yoshimura of Empowerful Changes™ is all about empowerment and challenges her clients with wasabi wit and compassion to find their voice and stand with vigor through emotional intelligence training, personal branding and career coaching. She’s a certified Personal Brand Strategist through Reach Communications Consulting, Inc., certified Emotional Intelligence trainer, Certified Coach, and has completed the Career Coaching program through Career Coach Institute. As an Asian-American woman, Erin is keenly aware of how ethnicity and cultural values can impact career advancement and success, and uses this awareness for holistic personal brand development. Learn more.

Paul Copcutt is Canada’s leading personal brand consultant, combining a passion for people with a realization that strengths and specialization are the keys to success. Experiencing corporate downsizing during the last recession, Paul knows what it takes to stand out in a depressed job market. This resulted in his gathering successful experience in biotech, consumer goods and executive recruitment in North America and Europe. Recognized by Forbes as a leading personal brand strategist globally he is a much sought after speaker and media resource, interviewed by Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and The Globe & Mail. Learn more.

Megan Fitzgerald is an expat career and entrepreneur coach and founder of Career By Choice. She helps fellow expats use their personal brand to build a career or business that ‘fits’ who they are and their international lifestyle. Having lived, worked or played in over 25 countries, she currently works with professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe. With multiple degrees and certifications and over 15 years of experience in career and business development, she takes a creative, entrepreneurial approach to helping her clients develop a strong personal brand, online identity and career marketing materials that accelerate their professional success abroad. Learn more.

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