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How Good a Networker Are You?

How good a networker are you? Find out with this Reach Networking Quiz.
First name
Last name
Email address
Do you take an active role in at least one professional or philanthropic organization?
answerYes No 
Do you burn bridges when you leave jobs or assignments and never look back?
answerUsually Never 
Do you attend functions where you know you will meet people that you need to know?
answerYes No 
How many people do you typically meet at networking functions?
answera few lots 
Before going to a networking event, do you
answerstress out identify your objectives for the event 
Can you state what you do, for whom you do it and how you are different from your peers or competitors in under a 1 minute?
answerAbsolutely Not really 
When you find a contact that would be perfect for a friend or colleague, do you
answerconnect them instantly forget about it 
Do you know how to end conversations comfortably and when to end them?
answerYes No 
When attending events, do you bring
answerbusiness cards/marketing materials  just your smile 
At social and business events, do you
answerrecognize faces but forget names remember clearly the people you have met before 
When people ask you about what you do for work, do you tell them
answerwhat you do and how you do it your job title and company 
Are you clear to others about who your ideal contacts would be?
answerYes No 
Do you make it a priority to return voicemails and e-mails from network contacts?
answerNot if I am busy Usually 
Do you have a polished, up-to-date LinkedIn profile?
answerYes No 
Do you feel comfortable calling people who were referred to you by someone you know?
answerYes Not usually 
After meeting someone new do you
answerhope to see them again follow up with an email phone call or LinkedIn request 
How often do you update your LinkedIn profile?
answerAt least once a week Rarely if ever 
Do you participate in LinkedIn Groups?
answerYes - I post and/or comment regularly Rarely if ever 
When you receive new contact information do you
answeradd it to the pile enter it into a contact system or connect via LinkedIn 
When following up with a new network connection do you
answerprovide something of value ask for help 
Do you regularly thank contacts for business referrals for or career opportunities?
answerYes No 
How often do you talk to members of your professional network?
answerA couple of times a month Daily 
Do you have an e-mail list of your professional contacts so that you can easily send them mass e-mail?
answerYes No 
Do you have a contact management system or use LinkedIn as a way to manage all your contacts in one place?
answerYes No 
Do you send birthday greetings, congratulations and other acknowledgements to members of your professional network?
answerRegularly Not very often 
Do you connect members of your network with each other for their mutual benefit?
answerNot often All the time 

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