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360°Reach Basic - for Career Advancement/Job Search

What do people think about you?

Find out now!

To succeed in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, you must be keenly aware of external perceptions. Professional success doesn't happen in a vacuum. Whether you're searching for a new job, looking to make it to the top of the corporate ladder - skipping a few rungs, or just curious about what people think about you, 360°Reach is the answer.

If You Know Yourself, You Can Grow Yourself
Although successful branding is based in what is authentic and genuine about you, your personal brand is actually held in the hearts and minds of those around you. 360°Reach lets you understand these critical external perceptions. It enables you to obtain objective and candid feedback about your rational and emotional attributes, strengths, weaknesses, etc. It allows you to highlight your strengths and stand out from your peers so you can advance your career or find your ideal job.


"I have to say my favourite [personal branding] exercise had to be 360°Reach. I learned a great deal about how other people perceive me. I also realised that I was trying to please everyone and not actually pleasing anyone - and how far I'd gotten away from being me. I used the feedback from that exercise to better describe myself in cover letters and interviews." Dr. Michelle Mattern - Biotech Researcher

Developed by behavioral psychologists and branding experts and used by nearly a million people, 360°Reach provides you with a focused portrait of your professional reputation – one that will be invaluable to your job search and ongoing professional development. Sometimes one insight from the outside world can forever change the course of your career. Don't wait for that insight. Pro-actively seek the feedback you need to succeed.

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Get Feedback From Anyone You Want
With 360°Reach, your respondents are guaranteed anonymity and you can obtain feedback from anyone with an e-mail address, including; clients, partners, friends, colleagues, managers, employees, members of professional organizations, professors, etc. In addition, the web-based system consolidates the responses making it easy to make sense of the feedback you receive.

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"I wish I learned about 360°Reach 20 years ago. I have had performance reviews and career development coaching almost every year for 20 years, but none was as effective as your method. I wish your technique were available to all our corporate trainees before they are trapped in the standard performance review syndrome." Charles Mangano, Vice President, Bank of America

If you are an HR executive, career or executive coach or executive recruiter, become certified to coach clients through their 360Reach results. for your clients or employees and learn about 360 Reach Enterprise

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