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360°Reach™ Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This FAQ should answer most, if not all of your questions. It is broken into three parts:

  1. General questions
  2. Requestor questions (for those using the system to obtain feedback)
  3. Respondent questions (for those providing feedback)


What is 360°Reach?
360°Reach is a personal brand assessment that provides you with the external insights that are essential to success. Developed by behavioral psychologists and branding experts, it gives you a focused portrait of your professional reputation – one that is invaluable for ongoing professional and personal development.

Who is 360°Reach for?
If you fall into any of the categories below, you can benefit tremendously from a 360°Reach Assessment:

  • career-minded professionals who want to develop professionally
  • people who are looking to change jobs
  • people who are currently in job search mode
  • executives who need to understand how they are really perceived externally
  • independent consultants, entrepreneurs and small business owners who need external feedback to help guide their businesses
  • sales people and consultants who want to increase their visibility, presence and effectiveness
  • people who want to develop themselves personally and professionally
  • teams of people working inside companies

How does it work?
Registered users (Requestors) are provided login details. Using any standard web browser, they log into the system and enter the email addresses of all of those from whom they would like input. By clicking ‘send’ they notify all of these respondents that they would like some feedback. Respondents enter the system using uniquely assigned passwords and provide their input. When they hit ‘send,’ the data is sent to the Requestor, without the email address or name of the Respondent. This ensures that Respondents provide candid responses. Requestors receive an email every time someone has completed the assessment, but they do not know from whom the feedback was sent. Requestors have a link on the main menu of the system that enables them to send the summary data to their coach for analysis. Requestors can continue to send requests to an unlimited number of respondents until their account expires.

What kind of feedback does it provide?
360°Reach enables those people you select (Respondents) to provide input about your rational and emotional attributes, your greatest strength and greatest weakness, the team role that most suits you, etc. It also provides your Respondents with the opportunity to provide any additional comments they want to share. It includes two projective exercises to validate data and enable you to gain richer insights into what those around you think about you. The Premium and Enterprise versions of 360°Reach provide data consolidation which reveals Brand Personas and Leadership Competencies.

How is 360°Reach different from other 360-degree assessments?
360-degree assessments done inside the corporation are often focused on specific goals and objectives and do not provide bigger picture data about the participant’s strengths, weakness, rational and emotional attributes, etc. They usually include people from only inside the company and ignore critical feedback from external constituencies (like customers, business partners, etc.). The feedback from 360-degree assessments conducted internally is often hard to rely on because respondents are not always 100% honest in their responses. According to a study published in the Harvard Management Review, “The majority of managers filling out 360-degree feedback reports hesitate to criticize any aspect of their peer's performance, particularly when raises and promotions may be on the line. Some also worry that negative feedback would strain their relationship with colleagues if it ever came out who had provided which ratings.”

Here’s what makes 360°Reach more effective and more valuable, It:

  • enables you to obtain feedback from anyone with an email address. That means people from both inside the company and externally can participate
  • is administered by a third party. The data is not held inside the company, so respondents can be assured that they remain anonymous. No one other than you and your coach (if you want) see the feedback.
  • allows for an unlimited number of respondents, providing a larger sample of data.
  • takes just a few minutes for respondents to complete, making it more likely that they will respond.
  • can be used by individual consultants, solo-preneurs and small business owners who otherwise don’t have access to 360-degree assessments.
  • is high value for money. There are free and fee versions.

What are the differences among 360°Reach Enterprise, 360°Reach Basic and 360°Reach Premium?

  • 360°Reach Enterprise is a special version of the assessment for corporations, organizations and teams. There are no sponsor advertisements. Users get 45-day subscriptions and complete access to all features of the system including data analysis and reporting. Learn more about 360°Reach Enterprise here.
  • 360°Reach Basic is completely free. Users get 15-day passwords, unlimited use of the system during the subscription period and access to the summary data. To access the premium features (data analysis, customized report, etc., they can upgrade to premium). Register here.
  • 360°Reach Premium provides complete access to 360°Reach for 45-days and includes data analysis and a comprehensive 20-page report at the end of the subscription period. In addition, your account remains active for a full-year so you can access your summary and modify your action commitments.

How do I get started?
Just go to to sign up for a Basic account and you will receive a password and instructions. It’s very easy to use.


To whom should I send requests for feedback?
You can request feedback from anyone with an email address. You should select people who know you fairly well. Those who are just casual acquaintances may provide questionable feedback and could make your results less reliable. It’s best to include people from all aspects of your life (colleagues, managers, employees, clients, business partners, networking contacts, friends, family, etc.). This will give you a true 360-degree view of how you are perceived.

How many people should I send it to?
With 360°Reach, you can send requests for feedback to an unlimited number of peers, managers, employees, clients, family members, etc. Having a minimum of 12-15 responses will provide you with actionable data. The average response rate (percentage of respondents who complete the questionnaire) is 40%. So, sending it to 38 people would ensure valid results. Caution: It is best to send it to people who know you. Those who are just casual acquaintances may provide questionable feedback and could make your results less reliable.

How will I know when someone has responded?
Each time someone completes the questionnaire, you will receive an email letting you know that someone has responded. It will not contain the respondent’s name or email address. That ensures their anonymity so that they provide truly candid feedback. At any time (and as often as you would like) during your subscription period, you can go into the system and retrieve the summary of all feedback received to date. The summary consolidates all the input you have received.

Will Reach use the email addresses I put into the system?
Never. We will not rent, sell, or otherwise use the respondent email addresses you enter into 360°Reach. We take privacy very seriously at Reach. If a respondent checks the box requesting our newsletter, we will send them the newsletter and nothing else. If they do not check the box, we will not contact them in any way.

If I am a Basic member, can I upgrade to Premium?
Yes. At any time during your subscription period, you can upgrade. You will receive access to all features and an additional 30-days to use the system.

For how long can I access my account and look at my response summary?
You have unlimited use of the product for 15 days (Basic) or 45 days (Premium and Enterprise). You can check the consolidated summary as often as you would like within your subscription period. For Premium and Enterprise members, your account will remain active even after your 45-days (for a full year from the date the account was established). This will allow you to access your summary of responses and make changes to your action commitments. If you are a Basic member, you must print out your summary before your subscription expires as you will no longer be able to access it after the end of your subscription period.

How often should I conduct a 360°Reach assessment?
Every 6 months to a year. You will want to track your progress to see if the consistency of results increases and to verify that the visibility of your strengths and positive attributes are increasing while negative attributes and weaknesses are decreasing.

Why haven’t I received any responses to my request for feedback?
You may not have sent them. After you enter your respondent’s email addresses, you have to go to Step 5. At the menu at Step 5, you must click ‘send’ to send your requests for feedback.

I am a Premium member, why can’t I see my data analysis, Brand Personas and Leadership Competencies?
You need at least ten responses before the advance data analysis features become available. If you have fewer than ten responses, add more respondents or use the ‘Remind’ feature from the main menu to increase your response rate.

How do I analyze the results I receive?
For best results, wait until all of your feedback has come in before beginning analysis.  You have two options:

  1. Perform the analysis yourself > here are some helpful tips
  2. Contact one of analysts who has been certified by Reach to provide the analysis, coaching and a detailed, personalized 20-page report. This is the option we recommend to ensure that you get the most value from the feedback you receive. If you are a an executive coach, career counselor, HR manager or executive recruiter, become certified to perform a detailed analysis of 360°Reach feedback.


I received a request for feedback. What is 360°Reach?
360˚Reach is a personal branding assessment that has been used by nearly a million people. Those who initiate the assessment (Requestors) are seeking to understand their professional reputation. Unlike 360 assessments done in the work environment, 360˚Reach is designed to provide high-level feedback and insights that will be valuable to the Requestors as they make decisions about their career. It is focused on professional development, not performance.

Will you use my email address other than for this assessment?
No. Our policy states that we will only use your email address to send you the feedback form, a receipt acknowledgement,  a thank you email and reminders that are sent by the Requestor (reminders are only sent if you have not responded to the request for feedback). Once you have provided feedback and we have acknowledged it, you will not receive any other email from Reach and we will purge your email address from our system.

How long will it take for me to complete the survey?
About ten minutes. It was designed to be easy for the respondent.

Why was I selected to provide feedback?
We provide guidance to Requestors that they choose people who know them well and whose opinions they respect. We also recommend that they include people with different relationships to them (colleagues, friends, managers, employees, family, etc.).

Will the requestor know my identity?
No. After you complete your feedback and send it to them, they will receive an email indicating that someone has responded but will not know who. Your responses will be combined with responses from others to provide aggregate data to the Requestor. We will never share the fact that you responded with the Requestor, even if asked.

What if I am still concerned with my feedback being traced back to me?
You can click ‘other’ in the category of respondent section of the form and you need not complete the comments field. Sometimes, Respondents provide comments that are so specific, those comments can be traced back to them.

What is the point of the projective exercises (Car, Household Appliance, Breed of Dog, Breakfast Cereal)?
Although these questions may seem frivolous, they often provide the most valuable feedback in the assessment. Often, it is easier for a Respondent to associate a Requestor with something that already has brand attributes. The most important part of these projective exercises is the ‘why’ not the ‘what.’ For example, if a Requestor provided this feedback: “Mercedes because you are sophisticated, reliable and respected,” the attributes ‘sophisticated’, ‘reliable’ and ‘respected’ are important feedback that can be used to validate the attributes that were identified in the first section of the assessment.

Will I get to see the summary of feedback that the Requestor received?
If the Requestor chooses, he/she can send a copy of the consolidated feedback to some or all of the Respondents. This is up to the Requestor. We do not provide this data to anyone except the Requestor and if the Requestor chooses, his/her career or business coach.

How can I complete my own 360˚Reach assessment?
15-day passwords to the assessment are free! You can subscribe here.

Where can I learn more about 360˚Reach?
You can get all the information you need here.

Who do I contact if I need help while completing the feedback form?
Please send an email to and let them know the problem you are experiencing along with the name/email address of the person who requested your feedback.

We hope this answers any questions you may have about 360˚Reach. If you still have more questions, please send an email to Thank you!

   © 2000, 2009. Reach Communications Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved.