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You Can't Spell Brand Without the Letter 'C'

by William Arruda

All successful personal brands have certain characteristics in common. These characteristics can all be described with words that begin with the letter ‘C.’ Does your brand pass the ten ‘C’ test?

Successful personal brands are:

They are sure about who they are and who they are not. Ensure you understand what makes you unique and separates you from your peers, colleagues or competitors.


They are always the same. Your brand is your promise of value to your customers, clients, managers, peers, etc. The key to having a strong brand is remaining consistent in all that you do.

They are always there - visible and available. Strong brands don’t go into hiding. You must remain visible to those people who need to know about you and can help you reach your goals.

They are accurate. Authentic. Successful branding is NOT about creating a false image for the outside world. So be true to yourself and your brand will shine.


They can be described in one or two sentences. Strong brands are usually known for one thing. They are not all things to all people.

They are appropriate and interesting to their target audiences. They are relevant. You must ensure that you are communicating your message such that it resonates with your target audience.

They are highly differentiated and unique. You should strive to create intrigue among your target audience.

They are part of the appropriate communities. This means having a network of partners, colleagues, customers, etc. Your brand community – or network - extends your brand for you. If you are clear about your brand and communicate it consistently among members of your brand community, you will ensure that they can convey your message for you.

They are in it for the long-haul. You must focus your brand on your goals and stick with it. Successful brands are built over time. Coke was not the world’s strongest brand when it invented in 1886.

They are based in today with room to evolve for tomorrow. Although the core of your brand will never change, don't let your brand get stuck in the past. Your brand should be flexible to accommodate the dynamic environment in which we live.

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