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Health without the Health Club - Introduction

We hear it all the time. ‘Health is everything.’ And it’s true. Health is the table stakes that get us into the game of life. It’s a vital commodity that we would all like to have more of. Without it, we’re severely limited in what we can do and how much we can experience, let alone enjoy, in life. Yet health is a relative term. How healthy are you, really? Although most of us consider ourselves healthy, we also feel we could be in better shape, thinner, stronger, more relaxed, more centered, etc. We want to be fit—but we can't seem to fit healthier practices into our lives.

What prevents us from attaining ‘health wealth?’ Let’s start with the ever-increasing demands on our time. We live in a world where everything is speeding up. The demands of work, family, and social commitments all seem to be mounting. So when do we find time to lay the foundation for a healthy, happy life? And how do we win the battle of the bulge without taking too much time away from our families, our jobs, and our dreams?

Dieting and working out at health clubs are great ways to improve our overall health. But both can be time consuming, expensive, or overly complicated in our already hectic daily schedules. In light of this, we —the authors of this book— believe that the road to good health may have many forks (including the one that reaches your mouth) before arriving at tedious diets and stressful workout regimens. The best route is the one that will fit easily into our lives. Health Without the Health Club points the way to this route by offering recommendations for more healthful living despite tighter time tables and stricter budgets.

We aren’t suggesting that you avoid health clubs or diets or relaxation therapies. In fact, the book contains tips relating to these approaches. We support any activity that helps you make deposits, large or small, into your “health bank.” If you attend a gym regularly … we applaud you! But if you don't, or if you want to make small but significant improvements to your health, this book shows you numerous ways to do so.

Health Without the Health Club contains five chapters to correspond to key areas of your life:

I. Around the House and Around Town. Chores, errands, dropping the kids off, picking them up, stopping by to visit friends, waiting in line. Maintaining yourself, your house, your garden, your car. All of these activities offer surprisingly potent opportunities for more healthful living.

II. At the Office and On the Road. Discover how to turn the time you spend investing in your livelihood—at the office, schlepping through airports, and staying in business hotels—into investments in your health.

III. Eating In. Eating Out. With little modifications to what, how, and when you eat, you can exert a major impact on your waistline, increase your energy, and reduce body fat.

IV. Sound Mind. Sound Body. Sound Sleep. With everything in the world moving at a frenetic pace, find out how to stay clear in your thought, pure in your spirit, and refreshed and replenished through adequate sleep.

V. Leisure: Time. Travel. Sports. What you do in your leisure time has a huge influence on your well-being. Whether it’s playing sports, embarking on healthful vacations, or just talking healthy, you can use your leisure time to establish a routine of beneficial habits.

This book contains tips, tricks, and techniques that—when applied consistently—will contribute to your overall health and well-being. When you put these recommendations into practice, you’ll find that the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle can be addictive and inspire you to come up with your own ideas. We would be thrilled to hear your thoughts about how to boost your health’s bottom line while reducing your own bottom’s line. You can reach us at

So as you work your way through the book, keep track of the many deposits you’re making into your health bank. Then watch the payoff roll in!

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