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William Arruda

Ask William Arruda about personal branding and you’ll get a mile-wide grin, crackling energy, and a lively discussion of how personal branding can make every facet of career and life more engaging, fun, and successful. Mix that together with his twenty years' experience in corporate branding, passion for human potential, and avid pursuit of innovation, you’ll know why media and clients have dubbed William the 'Personal Branding Guru.' It’s an apt name for a pioneering brand strategist, speaker, author and entrepreneur.

William’s most vibrant role is that of globetrotting brand ambassador. The answer to ‘Where in the world is William?’ is likely ‘20,000 feet up!’ A member of the American Airlines Two Million Miles Club, his travels in branding have taken him across five continents—so often, in fact, that “global” is one of his prime brand attributes.

IBM, JPMorgan, Disney, Adobe, Microsoft, Warner Bros, British Telecom and Starwood Hotels are just a few of the corporate clients for whom he’s delivered presentations and workshops on the transformative power of personal branding. William supercharges and motivates his audiences—and his private clients include some of the world’s most influential leaders and innovators.

Committed to extending the impact of personal branding, William founded Reach—the global leader in personal branding—and created a pioneering program to certify coaches and career professionals in the Reach personal branding methodology. Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategists now span the globe. Always overflowing with creativity and new ideas, William has developed unique offerings that translate the power of corporate branding to personal branding. He created 360Reach—now the leading personal branding assessment—and he co-founded the Reach Branding Club (RBC), the first on-line, interactive, multimedia personal branding program. 360Reach and the RBC are now used by thousands of careerists, executives, professionals, and consultants.

As a thought-leader, William is a sought after spokesperson on personal branding, on-line identity and career management. He has appeared on BBC TV, the Discovery Channel, Fox News Live and Radio America and he’s been featured in countless publications, including Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur. William’s book (with co-author Kirsten Dixson), Career Distinction, will be published by J. Wiley in May, 2007. He is a member of the International Coach Federation and the National Speakers Association. He holds a Master's Degree in Education.

You can reach him at or call him on 1.888.935.9977 or 1.212.537.9120.


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