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Language exists only on the surface of our consciousness. The great human struggles are played out in silence and in the ability to express oneself.

/Franz Xavier Kroetz

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EXPRESS - Building Your Personal Brand Communications Plan

The Extract Phase helped you know yourself, your competitors, and your target audience. You can now identify the ideal combination of communications tools to reach that audience effectively, while ensuring that you’re standing out among the numerous others who are offering seemingly similar services.

During the Express Phase of the 1-2-3 Success! Personal Branding Process, you:

    • Document your target audience demographics and psychographics
    • Evaluate all potential communications tools
    • Identify the subset of tools that will reach your audience and support your goals
    • Manage the all-important three C’s of personal branding
    • Build your personal brand communications wheel
    • Identify key content themes
    • Craft your Personal Brand Statement (PBS)
    • Prioritize communications activities to provide maximum impact
    • Establish a communications plan with goals and milestones
    • Develop a plan to link your brand to all that you do


Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee -- and just as hard to sleep after. /Anne Morrow Lindbergh


Resources to help you express your unique promise of value:

The output from the Express Phase is your comprehensive personal Brand Communications Plan. You are then ready to move onto the third and final phase, Exude.

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